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  • Hand Protection
  • Cut Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
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    Leather gloves are available in deerskin, goatskin, grain cowhide, split cowhide, and pigskin.
    Standard Cotton Canvas


    Canvas Gloves are available in 8 oz., 10 oz., and 12 oz. weights to provide maximum flexibility in supporting different applications and user preferences. Clute pattern is the most common construction in this category. Economical, comfortable and breathable these Gloves are extremely popular for general or light duty applications. Different PVC dotted and coated style provide better grip.
    100% Cotton, 24 Oz. Equivalent

    Terry Cloth

    These gloves can be worn on either hand and provide two wearable surfaces. Thousands of tiny loops provide insulation and cut-resistance.

  • Machine Knit
  • Seamless
  • Fully Reversible
  • Made-In-USA
  • Bleach White Cotton / Polyester Blend

    String Knit

    Seamless string knit are used as a liner and various applications. String knit Gloves are commonly made of cotton or synthetic blended fibers. Coated styles enhance the Gloves useful life and provide additional abrasion resistance and grip. You can choose from standard plain string knit, PVC dotted style and form fitting latex coated Gloves.
    Assorted Solid Color Cotton Jersey


    We carry a wide variety of gardening Gloves made from floral pattern fabrics and top grade leathers to the most flexible synthetic material for handling all gardening applications all year round.
    Smooth Finish Blue Nitrile Coated with Knit Wrist


    Single and double dipped poly vinyl chloride (PVC) Gloves are commonly used in the petro-chemical industry.
    Green Nitrile


    Unsupported gloves give the user protection without a loss of dexterity. Our unsupported line features nitrite, neoprene, latex, and natural rubber offered in different thicknesses.
    3 Layers PVC/Polyester/PVC 3-Piece Yellow Rainsuit


    Our Durawearâ„¢ line covers your safety needs from head to toe. Whether you are working in stormy weather, a clean room environment, a woodshop, or behind a food service counter, we have you completely protected.


    DuraSpec protective eyewear is manufactured to Exceed ANSI Z87.1-999 standards. Our protective eyewear has been designed to provide the user with lasting comfort and protection. We offer DuraSpec protective eyewear at a cost that's out of this world. Put yourself light-years ahead of the competition with DuraSpec protective eyewear.
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